Linda Perhacs

Asthmatic Kitty Records
Linda Perhacs
Perhacs hails from Topanga Canyon in California, which has a rich tradition of inspiring beautiful and delicate music. From that scene came an album that has been legendary to fans and record collectors for over 40 years, Linda’s 1970 complex, sonic gem, Parallelograms.
Amazingly, this stunning, psych-folk masterpiece went unnoticed upon it’s first pressing, leading Perhacs to return to her reclusive life with nature, the universe, and her steady day job as a dental hygienist in Beverly Hills.
28 years later, Michael Piper’s Wild Places label reissued Parallelogramsbringing this magical music out of obscurity and into the ears of new fans worldwide. Without anyone knowing of Linda’s whereabouts, her music made headlines in major music magazines, and interest peaked all over the world.
Piper finally found Perhacs in 2000, shortly after she recovered from a life threatening case of pneumonia. When they met, Perhacs provided Piper with her own superior master of the record, along with some bonus tracks, that were then turned into an expanded reissue of the album.